Dog Walking and Pet Sitting for People Who Just Don't Want Their Pets to be Home Alone All Day

Imagine leaving for work every day and not worrying about your pets.

Even if your last meeting runs late. Or you're working on a deadline. Or your boss wants you to take clients to dinner.

It's not a problem because, even though your pets have been home all day, they've been out for a walk and had some time to play.

And if you really need to, if that meeting just keeps going or you're still struggling to get that project done, you know you can call on your dog walker to make one last run by your place.

Place Your Pets in the Care of Someone Who Loves Dogs So Much, My Family Joked That If I Had a Farm Like Old McDonald, It Would Only Have Dogs

My dog Asher spent a lot of time at a doggie daycare when I worked in corporate. And even though he was on a flea/tick preventative, he'd often come home covered with fleas.

When I went out of town, Asher would stay at a boarding kennel. He'd come home with bowel issues and bloodshot eyes - I could tell he didn't sleep the entire time he was there. He wouldn't eat his food. He'd pant heavily and get anxious.

I even tried boarding him with someone in their home. It was a better situation, but my dog was still anxious in the new environment.

I knew he wasn't comfortable anywhere but home. I wanted to find a better way.

At the same time, I'd reached a point in my sales career where I wanted out. I'd always dreamed of starting my own business.

But I wasn't quite sure what business to start.

When it came time to take Asher to the boarding kennel again so I could board a plane, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do in my business: provide other busy professionals an alternative to boarding kennels where your dog is just one of many in a tiny steel cage and give your pets the ability to stay at home where they are comfortable.

But I'd also heard the horror stories of pet sitting and dog walking. The walkers who don't show up when they say they will, leaving your dog to have accidents all over your brand-new rug and chew up your favorite pair of running shoes from sheer boredom. The pet sitters who maybe show up once a day - resulting in accidents and possibly even health problems from dehydration and trying to hold it for so long.

That's when I started Nikki's Collar Club.

I wanted to raise the standards for dog walkers and pet sitters, to show that it's possible to have and maintain higher standards in this industry.

One of those standards is ease and organization. You want a simple way to request services, make payments, and see all of the information about your pet. That's why we use Time to Pet, a software service that helps us (and you) keep track of visits with your pet.

Another is communication - you want proof that your furry family members are being taken care of. That's why after every visit, you receive a report card detailing what your pet did during the visit and how they were feeling. I can even look up a map of the route your walker took your dog on if you're concerned your dog wasn't walked or wasn't walked long enough.

Nikki's Collar Club is here to make pet care easier for both you and your pet so you can do what you need to do without stressing about how often and how long your dog is walked.

Nikki Musko, Owner

Two Valuable Pet Services

Dog Walking

Help your dog work off excess energy, stretch his legs, and get some attention during the day with dog walks. Have an inter-species household? Your other pets will get some love, too.

Pet Sitting

You can’t close deals or make a presentation if you’re worried about your cat getting her medications. Pet sitting services ensure your pets get the attention they need while you’re getting things done.

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