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Dog Walker Strongsville Ohio

Are You Searching for a Dog Walker Strongsville Residents?

Are you looking for a dog walker Strongsville? Nikki here, owner of Nikki’s Collar Club.  Hiring one is a decision every dog owner should make at some point in life. A dog walker is reliable, responsible, knowledgeable, and someone you can trust. However, finding a great walker is not easy. You need to ask around, check online or contact your vet office for someone you can trust. Most people in Strongsville hire a dog walker who is recommended by their friends or family members. To help you pick a good dog walker, below are some tips to consider.

dog walker Strongsville Ohio

How to find a great dog walker:

1. Check whether the walker is trained and certificated:
Since you need a walker who is trustworthy and knowledgeable, check whether he/she is certified and trained. Passion for dogs is a must for a reliable dog walker. Therefore, ask the dog walker what they have done to educate or train themselves about dogs’ body language, behavior, and how to keep the dog safe.

2. Your dog and the walker should have some chemistry:
Even though the relationship between your dog and the walker should not be love at first sight, you need to get someone whose behavior towards your dog is inviting and welcoming. Not every person love taking care of dogs. Just the way nannies or teachers have a concern for children; a good dog walker should have affection for dogs. Also, if your dog is slow, shy or nervous, look for someone who can understand him.

3. Hire tried professional dog walkers:
When searching for a dog walker Strongsville, you will get many options. So, to ensure you are engaging with a reliable person, it is important to hire judged dog walkers. Professional dog walkers have been in the business for a long time. And by hiring an expert, you can rest knowing your dog is in good hands. Dog walkers who have several years of experience know how to take care of dogs, have invested in learning, and offer backups in case they cannot make it walk.

4. How do they handle emergencies?:
Anything can happen to your dog while under the walker’s care. Therefore, it is important to know about emergencies. Happily, most professional dog walkers have insurance programs in case an accident happens to the dog under their care. They should also have first aid kits. Also, confirm whether they licensed or not. With all the requirements, you can be assured that your dog will be in the best place.

5. Test drive:
Once you find a dog walker Strongsville, it is essential to take him or her for a test drive. Although he or she will be on his/her best behavior, there are some signs that can tell whether the behavior is artificial or not. If you feel that the dog walker does not like your puppy or the dog is uncomfortable around the walker, do not hire them.

Your dog walker is a vital part of you and your dog’s life. Therefore, follow the above tips to ensure you pick a trustworthy and reliable walker. If you are in Strongsville and looking for an honest companion for your dog, you need to contact Nikki’s Collar Club. We are a dedicated dog walker and pet sitter. Having been around for several years, we understand everything concerning dogs.

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Contact us now to schedule your free dog walk to test out our services!

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