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Free Dog Walking App for All Clients!

Free Dog Walking App for All Nikki’s Collar Club Clients!

Hi Everyone! Nikki Musko here with Nikki’s Collar Club. I would like to talk to you today about an important feature…Our software!! When you are a client of Nikki’s Collar Club, we provide you with a free dog walking app!  Seriously, it’s the coolest thing and in this blog I divulge all the information.

As a NCC client, you already love the service we provide your fur family, but our technology also helps you love the experience too! Our software allows you to update your information, request services and we take care of the billing for you by accepting debit or credit cards. You will also receive real-time updates, pictures and report cards after each visit sent directly to your cell phone through our business text message (which we will talk about this awesome feature in a moment) or if you would prefer not to be bothered, we can send them in email.

Something that’s really cool and important for you to know is that all data is protected using the same 128 bit level encryption your bank uses.

free dog walking app

NOW… Let’s talk about something that I love as the company grows. Since we do not have a facility for employees to work such as a doggie daycare center, the big question is …well… how do we know the dog walkers are doing what they’re asked to do by the client since walkers are not monitored like a company at 1 designated location?

Let me tell you how we solved this problem. Our dog walkers must clock-in and clock-out of each visit which is tracked by a GPS. Something we (which “WE” means our back office) does not mention to the walkers that we have a GPS tracker that drops a pin every single minute once the walker clocks-in which allows us to see their route and their speed.

So for an example, if something were to go wrong (which so far this has never happened with us) you have a 20 minute time slot and 10 of the minutes a walker is standing on the corner of a street & talking on the phone or something. ALL of those pins within the 10 minutes will be grouped in 1 spot. Which obviously tells us something has gone horribly wrong.

Another great example (which also has not happened with us), is if a walker wanted to use their car instead of walking your dog, the tracker tells us their speed which would be an immediate red flag.

One last piece, that I promised I would talk about is our business group text message feature. You, our manager, your primary walker, and secondary walker are all included on a group message. This way nothing is missed and all of us are in communication. I love this! It keeps everyone in the loop.

One more thing I’d like to cover.  Once a walker completes a visit at your home and sends your report card to you, ALL of your information disappears.

And I’d like to mention again, our dog walking app is FREE just for being our client!

If you would like to learn more about our collar club and become a member, check us out online or call us at 216-512-0550. We would love to hear from you!

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