Are You a Career Animal Lover? We are Hiring Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters in Cleveland, OH

We are looking for people who want to help pet parents give their pets the best care and attention by assisting us in providing these services:

Dog Walking: Visit and walk dogs while their owners are away at work. Walk times are 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

At-Home Visits: Visit the client’s home several times a day to walk and feed their pets (cats are visited 1-2 times/day; dogs are visited 2-4 times/day).

Overnight stays: Stay overnight in the client’s home with pets whose owners don’t want them alone at night (an extension of At-Home Visits).

What It’s Like to Work for Nikki’s Collar Club

Want a job that hardly feels like work? Our dog walkers and pet sitters spend their days walking dogs, pet sitting, and playing with and caring for pets. You’ll have the security of working for a locally-owned and well-respected pet company while receiving the unconditional love these pets provide us!

Play with pets (and get paid!) while also giving their owners peace of mind while they’re traveling or at work.

You focus on the pets while we book your appointments and handle payments.

How To Become a Pet Care Specialist

Fill out an online application and our hiring team will get back to you soon!

Meet the owner for an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need formal training?

A: Most Nikki’s Collar Club dog walkers and pet sitters are animal lovers who already have hands-on experience working with pets. Once you are hired you will receive training to perform services in accordance with Nikki’s Collar Club standards to ensure safety and quality.

Q: What types of services would I perform?

A: Depending on availability, Nikki’s Collar Club dog walkers and pet sitters perform various jobs including pet visits, dog walks, cat playtime, puppy care, feeding and transporting pets. We also offer overnight care at the client’s home.

Q: What will an average day look like?

A: Your day will vary by the type and quantity of dog walking and/or pet sitting assignments you wish to take on. As you begin, you may have a limited number of assignments. As you build your reputation with us, we will begin to allow you to select how many assignments you choose in order to create your own shift. You may have assignments begin in the morning and end in the afternoon or begin in the afternoon and end in the evening.

Q: What can I expect to earn?

A: Your income will vary by the quantity and types of dog walking and/or pet sitting assignments you choose to accept and perform. We will do our best to work with you to build a schedule that meets your financial income needs.

Q: Do you care for pets that are aggressive?

A: We take many steps to ensure the pets our dog walkers and pet sitters care for are safe and friendly. We first screen the pet’s background and disposition during a phone interview with the pet’s owner. We also offer in-home consultations for all of our clients so that dog walkers and pet sitters, pets, and their owners will be well acquainted before any service takes place. If a dog walker or pet sitter has safety concerns with any pet or simply doesn’t believe it’s a perfect match then the pet will be reassigned to another dog walker or pet sitter or not taken on as a client.

Q: What types of pets would I care for?

Nikki’s Collar Club loves all types of animals! While our most common pet clients are dogs and cats, we have been known to care for small caged pets such as gerbils, lizards, fish, and birds, as well as livestock in some rural areas, such as horses, pigs, and chickens.

Q: Do I need to take every job assignment given to me?

A: One of the perks of being a Nikki’s Collar Club dog walker and pet sitter is having a flexible schedule. You can select which assignments you choose to take, and you will work with the owner to coordinate your available hours with job assignments.