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Hi Everyone! Nikki Musko here with Nikki’s Collar Club. I own a dog walking & pet sitting business in Cleveland, Ohio. If you are in the market for a professional dog walker, there are crucial questions you need to ask. I am here today answering a list of questions my company has been asked before being hired.  Below you will find 7 questions to ask a dog walker before hiring.

If you are not a client yet, I highly recommend when you are interviewing a dog walker that you are asking the right questions. Here are some questions I have been asked:

So, let’s get started…. Question#1:

1) How many dogs do you walk at a time?

It’s common for walkers to take more than one dog out at a time, which can help keep costs down for you, however this means less attention given to your dog. Here at NCC you are paying for a one-on-one service. All of our TLC is given to just your dog. If you own 2 or 3 dogs we are happy to walk your dogs all at the same time. However, If you would prefer we walk some or all the dog’s separate we are happy to do what you believe is best.

2) What’s the interview process for your dog walkers/sitters?

Here at NCC, we have a 5-step process. Application, Phone, In Person, Background Check & Field Day.

Application Process – We look to see if the applicant has previous experience in the industry. It’s important to us that your professional dog walker/sitter knows how to handle all type of dog behaviors.

Phone Interview – We look for specific personality traits. Is the applicant a self motivator, detail oriented, honest, is this a good fit for both the company & the applicant.

In-Person Interview – Applicants are asked a series of scenario questions in order for us to evaluate their problem solving skills.

Background Check – We use a third-party provider to run a background check. It’s our priority to make sure your family and home is as safe as possible by disqualifying applicants who have felonies on their records.

Field Day – Here is where the applicant can put their words into action! Are they really who they say they are? For an example, are they taking notes, are they engaged and asking questions, are they eager to take a dog’s leash from us because they can’t wait to walk someone else’s dog.

3) Will the same person walk my dog each time?

Consistency is good for your dog – and your own peace of mind. During a meet & greet (which is scheduled before service begins), we will observe your pet’s behavior and go over what’s important to you in a dog walker and we will match a walker that we believe would be best suited for your dog. You are always welcome to request to meet your primary walker before service.

Also, Professional walkers will have a back up plan, usually a secondary walker would be assigned to your home. This is in place for whatever life likes to bring our way, if your primary walker is sick, on vacation, flat tire, etc.

4) Have you handled my dog’s special issues/needs before?

If your dog has any special needs, have an open discussion with your dog walker/sitter about their experience. Here at NCC, we have dealt with dog aggression, dog’s not fond of children, resource guarding, dogs that are shy, escape artists, senior dogs that may need help standing. You name it, we probably have dealt with it. We have also given dogs medication, from a pill to fluids, including chemotherapy.

5) Can we go on a test walk?

Absolutely! Most walkers will still charge you for their time, but this gives you the opportunity to see them in action. Also, if you are watching this video and you would like to do a trial run with us before fully committing, mention the code NCCVIDEO and get your trial walk or your first walk with us FREE!

6) How do you handle inclement weather?

No matter the weather, your dog will need to go out. We walk in most conditions, however, some circumstances may be too dangerous for your dog and us to be outside.

For an example, -20 degrees Fahrenheit. In situations like this, we can discuss what you would like to do or we will go ahead and do what we believe is the most safe. This may include a 5-10 minute walk (dependent on how your dog responds) and the remainder of your time slot will be spent inside providing TLC to your pet with possibly a second potty break to make sure they won’t need to go before you get home from work (Smile)

7) How long are your walks?

Here at NCC, we are here to tailor to your fur family’s needs. Our time slots can be customized to what you believe is best for your pet. For an example, you have a puppy and you don’t want them to go on a long walk just yet, so we can do a potty break, playtime, feeding- whatever your pet needs!

What We offer are:

Express Visits – which is our shortest ; 10 minutes in length. One example… this would be best for a senior dog that is unable to go on a long walk or on a walk at all and just needs a potty break in the yard.

Other time slots we offer are: 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You know your schedule & what is best for your pet.  We are here to cater to your needs and like to think of ourselves as an extension of your family that you can trust and rely on.

If you would like to learn more about us, check us out at www.nikkiscollarclub.com or call us at 216-512-0550. We would love to hear from you!


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