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As sad as this story is, it’s something we encounter and why you should call us if you need a dog walker in Beachwood Ohio.  You got the perfect bed for your pooch, had a professional clean his teeth, and even got him the doggy bone treats he loves so much. Yet, when you ask “Who’s a good boy?” there’s a distinct lack of joy in Fido’s face. He’s no longer the fun-loving pup who’d come running to you every time got home from work. In fact, Fido seems to be in a slump always, even when you go to the park. Playing catch with him isn’t what it used to be. You suspect something’s wrong, and you’re right. Something’s wrong.

You see, dogs, unlike most animals, have highly developed cognitive abilities and emotions. According to studies, canines are able to show empathy for their owners, affection, and loyalty, something you already know about. Being the complex creatures they are, dogs won’t take too kindly to being ignored.

If you leave Fido alone all day long in for several weeks, he can’t help but feel ignored. Do this for a couple of weeks, and Fido will start feeling unloved and ignored. That’s what we found out in the many years we’ve been the number one dog walker in Beachwood Ohio, but more on that later. First, let’s understand your pooch’s emotions and why they need constant human emotion and care.

Why Your Dog Needs Constant Human Contact and Why You Should Get a Dog Sitter.

Dogs are pack animals. It’s in their gene to seek companionship, and since we uprooted them from their packs when we domesticated dogs thousands of years ago, they are bound to seek that companionship from their human families. The biologist Desmond Morris wrote an article in Dogwatching noting that the worst mental punishment a dog can be subjected to is being kept alone in tight spaces with no variation. Yet, dog owners have been doing exactly that. They leave their dogs locked inside their homes for a 10-hour stretch every week. They then wonder why the dog won’t stop howling or barking. “Bad dog” they call Fido, yet Fido is venting his frustrations of being denied a doggy good lifestyle.

Bad human is more like it. In our experience, dogs that are by themselves for extended periods of time tend to go exhibit signs similar to a psychological breakdown and have a lot of social anxiety. These dogs are prone to destroy the house when they are left alone. They’ll knock things down, tear up sofas, and drag all the carpeting to the kitchen. The dogs will even go ballistic when their owners leave them in the car to pump some gas.
Dogs that get constant companionship are much happier.

One of our clients owned a pit bull that would always wander off when left alone in the yard. She would let him out over the weekends because the canine spent most of the week locked up in the house while his owner was at work. She felt that’s the least she could do for the poor animal. But the dog would always find a way of going over or under the fence and it would take her several hours to find him. Usually, he went to the pack where there were other dogs. Every time she went to get him, the pit bull would always have a smirk on his face as if to say “At least I meet a few friends today. Now you can lock me up again.”

When she procured a dog walker in Beachwood Ohio through our website, her dog’s demeanor changed almost overnight. He would no longer slouch around, the tantrums ceased, and he stopped running away. After a couple of weeks with our dog sitter, the pit bull was a completely different animal. He was playful, he always greeted our client at the door when she got home from work, and even went as far as eagerly learning new tricks. The two turned a new chapter in their lives.

That’s the core benefit of dog sitting services. They give your best friend the chance to enjoy a social life that’s quite like ours. Getting a dog walker for days when you’re unable to take Fido out for an evening stroll does wonders for the physical and mental health of your dog. Here at Nikki’s Collar Club, we are all about providing a social experience for your pup. Our dog walker in Beachwood Ohio is a therapeutic experience for both the dog and their owners. Give us a call today and get the best service for your best friend.

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