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Professional Dog Walker Shaker Heights Ohio

Professional Dog Walker Shaker Heights Ohio

Professional Dog Walker Shaker Heights Ohio

Chances are you are searching for a professional dog walker in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Now that our mind reading tactics have blown you away, let’s get to business here.  Imagine going out and having to worry about your dog being at home all alone with no one to care for it and you just feel so stuck. This is a feeling most dog owners and dog lovers have had to contend with at one point or the other. At Nikki’s Collar Club we have just what you’re looking for and more as your dog has the liberty to do all the fun things like exercising their legs which dogs really love to do and a very great knowledge of the ins and outs of your city! This  includes the historic places in Cleveland and the best views of the city which includes the bogs, the marches, the open fields, trails stretching up to two miles and much more.

Nikki’s Collar Club offers you all these exciting opportunities with a perfect love for your canine friend. We are deliberate about making sure your dog feels all the love that it needs as we take it on a walk round the city sight-seeing and bird watching and a view of the lakes, the playground, cleanup stations, restrooms and water fountains and so many other dog friendly areas for your best friend.

Why Nikki’s Collar Club?

At Nikki’s Collar Club, we take responsibility for your dog and we care for your dog and because of this, we
have included in our policy’s as part of our agreement to record all the vital information about your dog such as the vets contact number, your contact number, and any emergency contacts and you are provided with the best dog walker we have. You can rest assured that your dog will visit the safest and most joyful places within reach of your home while also making sure proper hydration and exercise.

Our dog walkers are committed to giving your dog the best so they visit places (if close to your home) such as mercer which is a grassy lawn filled with so many trees your dog will have all the time to play, poop, sniff around and enjoy the company of nature. At Larchmere Blvd, which has over 3 miles filled with dirt, and gravel trails to enjoy , open areas to play, benches and the best of all, a dog friendly restaurant so that your dog can have a great time. Not only will your friend enjoy time walking and seeing exciting places, he will actually get to see other dogs too.

How fun is that?

Rest assured that you are in a local dog walking city we service and there is no better home for your dog. We are passionate about what we do and will always, always, ALWAYS have your best interest in mind when taking care of your furry friend!

Out of our need to provide your dog with the very best, and after due consultation, we are committed to having a meet
and greet with your dog to understand him better and also have your house keys to ensure we bring your dog back home on time.