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Dog Walker University Heights Ohio

Searching for a dog walker in University Heights, Ohio?

dog walker University Heights Ohio

In most areas, pets are considered members of the family and, therefore, are highly valued. Getting the right person to care for the animal can be a difficult process. It does not matter if you are behind a pet sitter, you need to find someone you can trust and take care of your pets. That’s where Nikki’s Collar Club (NCC) comes in! We are a locally owned company that provides dog walking services to University Heights, Ohio.

Getting the right dog walker can be an excellent way to care for your pet. We guarantee that at NCC, you will love our compassionate and professionally trained dog walkers. We get it, a lot of you have small children or a tight schedule. This makes it difficult to get your dog out. That’s exactly why it’s a good idea to use the services offered by a locally owned professional dog walking service like Nikki’s Collar Club. This is one of the best ways to make sure your pet’s needs are met, even when your schedule is busy.

Why Hire NCC for your dog walking needs in University Heights?

NCC has gone through a rigorous background check and interview process to ensure we only hire super reliable dog walkers. If they don’t pass our extensive interview process and pass our “secret” reliability test, then they simply won’t be hired!

To ensure you have a peace of mind, we also include a FREE Dog Walking App that will let you track our dog walkers every move with your furry friend. You will know when and where your pup does its “business”!

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