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Dog Walking in Aurora Ohio

Dog Walking in Aurora, Ohio

dog walker Aurora Ohio
One of the ways to exercise your dog and get some energy out would be to walk them around beautiful Aurora, Ohio! However, if you have a day job, it would be better to hire a dog walker in Aurora instead of letting your pet stay cooped up at home all day. Nikki’s Collar Club is the first company that comes to mind (does that surprise you? 🙂 )as we’ve been walking all breeds and sizes of dogs for many years!

Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise for them to stay in great shape and optimal health. This is one of the reasons it’s so great to take your dog out regularly. Nikki’s Collar Club can take your dog out around your neighborhood and get all that pent up energy out! Whether you live by Aurora Parks & Recreation or in a secluded location, we’ve got your walk covered!

We Only Hire the Best dog walkers in Aurora!

When it comes to your furry friend, you can never be too cautious. There’s so many fly-by-night dog walkers out there that want to make a quick buck in between jobs or just to make a few extra dollars every month. That is NOT us! This is our full-time job and we take it as serious as you take your job. We study, practice and apply the best techniques to ensure you receive the best services.

Free App With Our Dog Walking Services!

When using Nikki’s Collar Club, you receive a free app where you can track every place we walk your dog. It also tracks when your fur baby goes potty and when they go pee or poo-poo. Don’t worry, we do our best to clean up!

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If you’re in the market for a new dog walker in Aurora, Ohio, feel free to do your research on the best local company. Check out reviews online and websites. I believe you will see through our website and most importantly reviews that we are the best option in Northeast Ohio for dog walkers! Contact us today!

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