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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in Brooklyn, Ohio

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Company Serving Brooklyn, Ohio

dog walking and pet sitting services in brooklyn ohio

Looking for a good, reliable dog walker in Brooklyn, Ohio? Need pet sitting help? Look no further than Nikki’s Collar Club: a proven and trustworthy company that will take care of your pets. Nikki’s Collar Club offers the best dog walking and pet sitting services in the whole Brooklyn area: care, responsibility, and dedication right near you.

The #1 Dog Walker Serving Your Community

Struggling to fit dog walking into your busy schedule? Maybe you’re too busy due to personal or work reasons? If you live in Brooklyn, Ohio, then Nikki’s Collar Club is at your service. Have your dog walked any time of the day: morning, midday, afternoon or evening. For how long? You decide! Depending on what you think is right for your dog, you can choose any duration between 10 minutes and 1 hour. Your dog will receive some healthy exercise, go potty, and will be returned safe and well – only the best dog walker Brooklyn Ohio. Nikki’s Collar Club has trusted workers who are enthusiastic about dogs, they would be happy to walk your dog whenever you like.

Your #1 Choice for Pet Sitting in Brooklyn, Ohio

Need to leave town? Can’t leave your pets alone? Need someone to take care of your little friends for awhile? At Nikki’s Collar Club, you’ll find the right people to look after your pet while you’re away. Absolutely all kinds of pets are accepted! Cats and dogs, bunnies and hamsters, birds and reptiles, exotic pets even. Select the duration of visits depending on your needs. You don’t have to ask your friends anymore, quality house sitting is available near you. The best in-home pet sitter Brooklyn Ohio: let your pets enjoy the comfort of their own place while professionals handle their care.

Dog Training Services for Brooklyn, Ohio

Signing up for a local dog training session is a good way to make your dog more manageable and fix bad habits. Have you thought about obedience training for your puppy yet? Owner, Nikki Musko, is a qualified instructor who has gone through a 6-week program by an internationally renowned, globally recognized dog training expert (one of the best in the world). She will be glad to help you!

Why Choose Nikki’s Collar Club?

Only full-time, reliable people are hired to work at Nikki’s Collar Club. Have no doubt: they take their job seriously and are both responsible and compassionate towards your little friends. You can easily stay in tune with how things are going! Nikki’s Collar Club has its own free mobile app that every client receives when signing up for the service. The app lets you know when the pet sitter comes and goes, feeds and walks the dog, and does whatever else you requested. One thing less to worry about: receive daily reports in real-time – only at Nikki’s Collar Club!

Nikki’s Collar Club is a reputable company that has already earned several rewards. These include Cleveland’s Expertise Award, Lyndhurst Small Business Award and Lux Magazine’s Global Award for 2019 Best Pet Care Services Provider in Cuyahoga County.

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