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Are you looking for a professional dog walker in Rocky River? Or perhaps you are searching for a dog trainer or pet sitter in Rocky River, Ohio? Choosing a dog walker will help you with both. Welcome to Nikki’s Collar Club, our dog walkers are specialists who are professionals in the pet service business. We have years of experience dog walking and pet sitting and will surely provide you with an A+ service. Continue reading to discover why you people choose Nikki’s Collar Club as their personal dog walkers.

1. How does it all work?

Our trustworthy walkers will come to your residence and pick up your dog always using your dog’s own leash. We exercise them for the time allocated by you, the owner, around the neighborhood or at a local park.

2. Keep your dog Healthy.

Did you know that 56% of dogs in America are considered overweight, and that number continues to rise for dogs that are over 5 years old? Combine that with the fact that 1 in 200 dogs will acquire diabetes and arthritis already affects millions of dogs today. It’s safe to assume that keeping your dog fit is the best reason on this list.

Every dog’s everyday exercise needs are varied depending on their size, breed and age. Current guidelines say that our dogs need between nearly an hour of exercise every day.

3. Fitter dogs are better behaved.

Have you arrived home to a complete disaster zone because your dog was simply bored or has stress or anxiety problems?

Truth be told, this is the number one reason why we continue to grow as a business!  Some of our furry friends refuse to accept the fact that we need to work while others are stressed over not understanding what is going on while you are gone.  This is why having a dog walker can be so important!

4. Keep them safe and happy!

Dogs adore people. They prefer getting out of their surroundings and encountering new sights, noises, and smells. This also provides them with a means to make buddies with the dog walker, and different pets met on the walk.  Your walker’s most crucial task is to keep your dog secure. This occurs through proper handling procedures and avoidance of dangerous dogs or hazardous conditions. Your dog can feel isolated with no one to communicate with all day, and obtaining a dog walker can be an excellent source of company for your dog as well as giving them a safe walk.

5. Consistency is important in your dog’s life.

Dogs need habit and consistency. For people who work all day and need to relax when you get back, having a dog can present unwanted obligations. Being met by a charming sleepy dog can give you a hard-earned rest when you get home. It’s hard always to find time in our hectic lives to give our beloved pets the time they deserve. They need consistency in their lives, and choosing a dog walker can assist with that in a big way. Hiring a dog walker to fill in for those gaps in your dog’s routine is excellent for keeping your dogs walking needs on track.

6. Dog walkers are truly experts in their field

Occasionally our dogs can be too much to manage. If they already have behavior problems, or they are very vast amounts of energy. This is where the expertise of a dog walker can assist. Most dog walkers are also dog trainers and are fully qualified to help you train your dog. This is something that gives them the knowledge needed to exercise even the most high spirited dogs, this ensures that your dog will remain content, and hopefully prevent them from developing any significant behavior issues in the future.

There are many other reasons to hire a dog walker, but these five reasons should be enough for you to decide to do yourself and your dog a huge favor, keep them happier and healthier, and hopefully impeccably behaved throughout their lives

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