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When is the best time to walk a dog?

When is the Best Time to Walk a Dog?

Before you take your dog for a walk, have you ever wondered when is the best time to walk your dog? Here are some helpful tips:

How many times should I walk my dog per day?

When is the best time to walk a dog

If you own a puppy it’s best to wait for a puppy to have all their vaccinations prior before going for a neighborhood stroll. It’s still important for you to socialize your puppy to get them used to different sounds. Once I settled in with my puppy at home I would drive places and sit in my car and let my puppy to see and hear the different sounds. For example, I took my puppy to see the waves crashing onto the beach and hear kids splashing around in the water.

Once your puppy is grown and is able to go on walks with you, one long walk a day is plenty for a dog.  I recommend at least 45-60 minutes. You never want to force or push your dog to go on a walk. If your dog is pumping the breaks and not wanting to go on a walk, try to lure your dog with food or treats. If you are able to walk several yards with a fearful dog that’s great! Turn around and try to go a little further tomorrow.

If you have a senior dog, pay attention to their health on your walk. Walks are great for seniors. A walk is healthy and helps build muscles around their bones and keeps their heart rate up. If you start to notice your senior dog is struggling on your walk such as slowing down, lifting a foot I recommend turning around and head home.

What time should I take my dog out at night for a walk?

If you are unable to walk your dog when it’s light outside, I recommend doing as early as the sun starts to go down than when it’s completely dark outside. It’s dangerous to walk your dog at night time. You are unable to see what’s around such as coyotes, snakes, raccoons, skunks, cougars, scorpions, porcupines.

If you have no other choice other than to walk your dog in the dark be sure to wear reflective gear and take a flashlight with you.

What is the best time to walk your dog during hot weather?

Some times the weather can get hot including the concrete, gravel or grass can get sharp and poke your dog’s feet when the grass is too dry. I like to be done with a dog walk before 10 am or if I walk my dog in the evening I wait for the temperature to drop and prefer to walk as the sunsets.

Is it best to walk the dog before or after eating?

Some dogs are built with deeper chests than other breeds; a few examples would be a Boxer, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Great Dane. If you possibly have a mixed breed that could possibly have a deep chest you want to wait a minimum one hour before and after eating their food. If you are on the more conservative side or you know there is bloat in your dog’s bloodline (such as a parent had bloat in the past) it’s best to wait two hours before and after eating to take them on a walk.

If your dog does not have a deep chest, I would wait at least one hour to feed your dog after your walk or wait thirty minutes if you already fed your dog their food before you go on a walk.

Here’s a dog walking schedule for you! 

Life can get busy so making sure you plan your furry friend into your schedule doesn’t fall by the wayside here create a daily/weekly calendar for you and your dog. Your dog’s physical and mental health is just as important as your family! If you can create a pattern in your schedule. It’s much easier to remember and follow. For example, if you know you go into work earlier on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s plan to take your dog for a walk after dinner or even treat yourself and go watch the sunset at a local park. If you go into work later on Tuesdays and Thursdays take your dog for a walk before or after your workout at the gym, feed your dog breakfast, grab yourself a cup of coffee and relax before you go into work or catch up on those emails before heading into the office. You can make your dog’s walk also a time for you to relax. Make it your walk too not just your dog’s walk!

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